Secure messaging service for dental care


Regulations and requirements that, among other things, come with the GDPR, today create challenges when e.g. personal data or other sensitive information must be sent digitally. Being able to protect the information while the recipient can be verified with strong authentication is something that is missing in regular e-mail. For Dental Care, this creates some challenges, for example

  • when a dental clinic is to communicate patient information to another clinic
  • when an individual patient needs to have their medical record or X-rays sent to them
  • when a dental clinic needs to send information to e.g. the Swedish Social Insurance Agency or other public activities

Most dental clinics lack an easy way to send sensitive digital information. This in turn often entails both extra work and increased overheads.


With SEFOS, it will be easy to send patient information digitally to both clinics, public agencies and patients. The information is encrypted and can only be opened after the recipient has identified himself with the ID method associated with the message. It can be an SMS code or some form of e-identification / Service ID (eg mobile BankID, Freja eID or SITHS)


+ Letters containing test results, health declarations, medical records and other sensitive information can be replaced with a secure messaging service

+ Care processes are streamlined and become safer

+ Reduced costs for letters and postage

+ Simplifies management and communication between clinics, public agencies and patients

+ Improved care for the patient