Digital Fax

Send and receive faxes as PDF files in SEFOS function mailboxes

Send and receive faxes directly in your function mailbox

SEFOS digital fax creates and sends a SEFOS message containing the PDF file to the correct function mailbox in your organization's SEFOS. Since the fax application is directly connected to the telecom operator's digital telephone exchange via local network and that SEFOS is used for transport of the PDF file, the file is never sent out unencrypted on the Internet.

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Privacy by design

Many digital fax solutions use e-mail and e-mail servers to transport their fax messages at some stage. But in SEFOS' solution for digital fax, we have completely eliminated all use of e-mail to transport the personal data that may be contained in a digital fax message. This creates a safer solution with fewer involved services and technical steps in the chain, which minimizes the risk of incidents. In the GDPR, this is simply called "privacy by design".

Set up multiple function mailboxes

Your organization can set up several function mailboxes that can be used to receive faxes on different numbers and in the function mailboxes there is a simple case management system. In SEFOS, users can be given access to one or more function mailboxes and their identity is ensured by requiring a trust level at the login.

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