Secure Digital Communication is a swedish government project for digital, secure and uniform transport of sensitive information. This applies to information that is exchanged between activities in the public sector, including private providers of public tasks, for example in healthcare, social services and schools.

SEFOS and its partners are at the forefront both in terms of knowledge and application when it comes to SDK. SDK has been an obvious part of SEFOS since the start because SDK together with SEFOS creates a broader product where the sender has more opportunities to safely reach more recipients.


With SEFOS, you future-proof your digital communication and do not have to wait for the SDK, but can benefit from SEFOS already today and then get even more functionality when you are ready for the SDK.

The SDK project together with SEFOS

The majority of municipalities are starting to connect to SDK using SEFOS and this will be done when DIGG and Inera open their approval processes and make it possible to put an SDK solution into production.

This means that SEFOS and its partners have the highest possible competence in all parts of the SDK both at a deep technical level and at a higher architectural level.

SEFOS can deliver all the parts needed to test and put into production an SDK environment both on-prem or as a SaaS service.

Säker digital kommunikation SDK med SEFOS DIGG Inera

This is what SDK provides

Expectations for the service have been high, therefore we want to be clear about what is actually included in DIGG and Inera's technical delivery and what functionality the SDK actually has.  


The SDK transports information from Organization A to Organization B.


SDK bygger på ett tekniskt ramverk och protokoll som är E-Delivery som har använts under väldigt lång tid i inom tex. Peppol.


The SDK also contains an identity federation with associated requirements and rules to be able to ensure the identity of the sender and recipient.

Address book

The SDK's address book is provided by DIGG and you can look it up there to find your recipient.

To be able to use the SDK, infrastructure is required that is not provided by DIGG/Inera.

SEFOS is a comprehensive solution that contains everything needed for an organization to be able to connect and use the SDK.

SEFOS is approved as Access point operator, Messaging service and Messaging client.

Access point



Messaging service



Messaging client

Teams with SEFOS Addin

SEFOS for web


Access point

What is an AP?

An AP in the SDK is a pure e-delivery access point, usually Domibus is used, which connects the organization to the network/federation. The connection to an AP is standardized and several different applications/messaging services can connect to an AP that we provide.

As an approved access point operator, SEFOS and our partners can deliver SDK access points both as a SaaS and on-prem solution.


SEFOS as a

What is messaging service?

When SEFOS is used as a messaging service, it will be possible to send the same message to recipients who are connected to SEFOS, SDK or have no connection at all to any of the networks. SEFOS's message service identifies which network can be used and sends the message via the correct network automatically.

SEFOS as a

What is a messaging client?

SEFOS works, among other things, with the help of an add-in for MS Teams, but there is also SEFOS for web, which is SEFOS's own web interface that works completely without connection to Microsoft Office.
This means that with SEFOS you will have access to two different message clients to the SDK.

Receive and open SDK messages in SEFOS

Function mailboxes in SEFOS can receive both SEFOS messages and SDK messages with the option of collecting all communications in the same function mailbox.

Send SDK messages through SEFOS

Just as you can receive SDK messages directly in SEFOS, you can also send SDK messages from SEFOS web service or MS Teams addin. 

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