A secure communication platform

Protect sensitive or other confidential information when communicating with individuals or other companies and organizations.

Without limitations

Eftersom att man inte behöver vara registrerad för att ta emot meddelanden så kan du utan begränsningar skicka säkra meddelanden till vem som helst! Både användare inom tjänsten men även externa mottagare.

Strong authentication

Låt mottagare identifiera sig antingen med sms eller någon form av e-legitimation (ex- BankID, Freja eID eller SITHS) för att öppna det skickade meddelandet eller ansluta till det säkra videomötet.

Can be used as a web service or plugin

SEFOS finns tillgängligt som webbtjänst genom SEFOS for Web, men kan även i dagsläget användas som ett tillägg till MS Outlook och Teams. Det finns även möjlighet till att integrera SEFOS mot nya system.

SEFOS MS Outlook


SEFOS for Web

What our customers say about SEFOS

What our customers say about SEFOS

"With SEFOS, we save both time and money while simplifying for both our employees and customers. The processes go faster and we have full traceability in all communication. Feels a bit like before GDPR. "
Benjamin Avdic, Head of Unit / Data Protection Officer, Adavio
"With SEFOS I can now communicate with my patients just like I did before GDPR!"
Marcia Lindberg, Dentist / Head of Clinic, Aqua Dental

Strong authentication
med e-ID

SEFOS is today adapted to be able to handle different types of authentication methods. Everything from simple verifications via e-mail, SMS and password to various e-IDs such as Mobile BankIDFreja e-ID, Freja organisations eID, NetID with SITHS and Nexus ID.

SEFOS can be integrated with basically any PKI-based login method.


Let external recipients respond to link messages

SEFOS not only makes it possible to send messages to recipients outside the service itself. The external recipients can also reply to these so-called link messages. 

Personal information or other sensitive information is easily sent directly to identified recipients who in turn can respond to the message in the same secure way as it was received!

Use Cases

Digital communication between healthcare providers
When sensitive personal information is to be communicated between ex. private and public caregivers, it can often create major challenges. SEFOS makes it possible to communicate sensitive information digitally in a simple way.

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Improved efficency in public sector
In the public sector, the lack of opportunities to communicate digitally often creates large costs and slow processes as a result. SEFOS makes it possible to streamline these processes in a simple way, where information can be sent between organizations and directly to identified individuals in a secure and cost-effective way.

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Secure messaging service for dental care
Regulations and requirements that, among other things, come with the GDPR, today create challenges in dental care when, for example, a dental clinic has to communicate patient information to another clinic or when an individual patient needs to have their medical record sent to them. With SEFOS, it will be easy to send patient information digitally to both clinics, public agencies and patients.

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