SEFOS Admin Center

Send messages directly from SEFOS Admin Center

We currently have integrations for MS Outlook and Teams, among others, but it is also possible to use SEFOS as a separate web service and create and send secure messages directly via SEFOS Admin Center.

Here you also get access to all messages that you have sent and received via SEFOS messaging service. See if a recipient has opened a link message, time of opening and which verification method the message was linked to, all in one place.



Address anyone

Som användare av SEFOS webbtjänst kan du send secure messages to anyone, regardless of whether the addressed recipients use SEFOS as a web service, in Outlook or have no connection to SEFOS at all.

All the recipients need is an email address and that they can meet the identification method associated with the message. Let recipients verify themselves with everything from service ID to private eID and SMS.

Get started with SEFOS

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