Secure Video Meetings

SEFOS secure video meetings make it possible to easily book digital video meetings where participants must verify themselves with strong authentication in order to be able to join the meeting. The meeting participants can identify themselves with methods such as Swedish e-identification, SITHS or similar and in this way demonstrate eligibility for the meeting.

Meeting participants can
use different identification methods

Configure your meeting with individual identification methods for each participant and use the calendar as usual to keep track of your meetings. All SEFOS standard identification methods work with video meetings.

Use different providers of video conferencing systems

An organization chooses which video service or services they want to use together with SEFOS. Currently there is support for SEFOS meeting based on Jitsi, Nuiteq Stage and MS Teams meeting. Then booking a meeting works in the same way regardless of which system is then used to conduct the meeting.

SEFOS meeting

SEFOS's own meetings are based on Jitsi and can be used for sensitive meetings where confidential information is discussed and shared within e.g. social services. When a meeting is over, nothing will be saved from the meeting and the service can be ordered as both SaaS and on-prem solution.


Stage is so much more than just a video meeting as there are notes, whiteboards and loads of other features built into the meeting service. Because it is possible to save your meeting and make it recurring or reusable, Stage is well suited for work and planning meetings. Stage can be ordered as both a SaaS and on-prem solution and is created and delivered by Nuiteq, a Swedish company. Stage is one of the solutions recommended by eSam for meetings where confidential information is shared or discussed.

Teams meeting

By combining Teams with SEFOS, the possibility is created to identify the participants who are invited to a Teams meeting. The meeting itself goes through Microsoft's normal channels and it is not recommended to use this meeting type for meetings where confidential information is shared or discussed.

Shrems ii creates problems

Recent turbulence regarding the presence or absence of cloud services in the Swedish public sector has led to a significant increase in the need for a service for secure video conferencing delivered in Sweden, and by a Swedish company.

SEFOS makes it possible for an organization to choose where their service should be installed and thus also ensure that their data does not go through a foreign provider of cloud services.

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