SEFOS for MS Teams


Send messages and identify users to Teams meetings

Thanks to our integration with MS Teams, it is now possible to both send messages through Teams and verify users into Team Meetings by letting the invited recipients use everything from service ID to private eID and SMS.

So if you or your organization is in need of being able to ensure that the right people are participating in your team meetings, get started with SEFOS and you can also send protected messages via the same service!

Address anyone

As a user of SEFOS in Teams you can send secure messages to anyone, regardless of whether the addressed recipients use SEFOS in Teams, in Outlook, via the SEFOS Admin Center or have no connection to SEFOS at all.

All the recipients need is an email address and that they can meet the identification method associated with the message. Let recipients verify themselves with everything from service ID to private eID and SMS.

Get started with SEFOS

Contact one of our partners to start using SEFOS!